Friday, May 21, 2010

Comix!!..and stuff...

So, the summer has started and so have we! Damian and I have both finished with our arduous spring semester and are moving into comix production mode. We love that much. 

So, yesterday, I discovered that I actually had TIME TO DRAW! Holy Crap! Think of that! TIME TO rolls from the tongue like nectar! At any rate, my good friend and partner in crime forwarded me a call for entries to an artshow based on the band DOOMTREE ( who are awesome,btw.) so, I did some art for that!...and a Pitch image...ANNND...the Octoclown..because he likes DOOMTREE as well. He would like to eat them for dinner..but, he still likes them all the, enjoy and avoid calamari and circuses on the same night.


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