Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Help Jen Vaughn Rock SXSW!

And check out her webcomic Mermaid Hostel too. It's a charming comedy indeed.
Jen's press release:

Cartoonist Jen Vaughn is thrilled to announce her first SXSW InteractiviZINE! From March 12th to March 16th, she will attend the SXSW (South by Southwest) Interactive Festival in Austin, TX and will "cover" the event multimedia-style in her Interactivitizine! SXSW is chock full of panels, events, and of course parties, related to social media, convergence, video games, start-ups and anything Internet. Upon the conclusion of her visit, Jen will post her drawings, notes, photos and other ephemera from the festival on her website for everyone to share the wealth of information gleaned.

Jen is accepting donations of $5 and up towards her SXSW InteractiviZINE experience via her website ( Anyone who donates will receive a LIMITED EDITION (PRINT) SXSW InteractiviZINE full of panel notes, comics and other special goodies made especially by Jen Vaughn.

Jen creates a weekly webcomic called Mermaid Hostel and her previous works include Menstruation Station: Menarche Aboard!, and Don't Hate, Menstruate. She is also an enthusiastic member of the Rare Bits Comics Collective.

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