Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Work From the "Break" part 1.

So, I don't know if you all ( by "you all", I mean the six or so people who may be out there looking at this)..but, both Damian and I are connected to an institution of higher learning. 

Currently, we are on "break". To us, it's the period of time where we do as much creative work as humanly possible before having to go back the sulphur-and-brimstone-like conditions which signifiy the horror that is the spring semester. 

By the way, HELLBLAZER..was not created by either J2 or D2...I just really love doing images of John Constantine (for those of you aren't comics geeks...the guy in the trench coat smoking the cancer stick). 

Also, the only thing scarier than the spring THE OCTOCLOWN...if you don't believe to embiggen. CLICK TO EMBIGGEN!!!!

Now..back to work. adieu.


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