Saturday, December 26, 2009

Star Clipper ArtShow Photos, pt. 2

From our friendly introduction display.
Our friendly, mercenary introduction display. Introduction display means we wrote stuff on the backs of our business cards, incidentally.
I took plenty of awesome pictures in a process I've trademarked called "slightly blurry vision" or "SBV." Trademark and copyright, biters.
And now, the long awaited moment, I give you, THE DUDE NAMED AARON!!!
As you can see, Aaron's greatest thrill is the prospect of the many lucrative endorsement deals that will soon beat a path at to his doorstep for the global fame that awaits him from his appearance here, at the J2D2 Arts blog.
In all seriousness though, Aaron and his creative partner Brandon braved the elements to come check out the art, and we did some excellent chatting about trying to be a professional artist and whatnot. Aaron just started at college with a Computer Science major and a Graphic Design minor, which sounds like a good combination for an animator to have. We here at J2D2 Corporate Headquarters/Self-Imposed Sweatshop hope to soon see some Aamazing Aanimations (That one's free, Aaron! You're welcome! Or, I'm sorry! One of the two...)
Anyway, that's the J2D2 Artshow, up until January 29. I may have said January 19 in the last post, but John told me January 29, so there you go. Thanks to Star Clipper for the space and the hospitality and for having Army @ Love on sale.
As cartoon John is kind enough to point out on the back of that business card, if you want to own an autographed and (where appropriate) hand numbered piece of the J2D2 Empire, Star Clipper Comics is the place to be.
Platinum level thanks go out to the Yezbick family for their hospitality, especially Alex, who was kind enough to lend us the use of his Mega Blocks.

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