Thursday, September 17, 2009

For my Mom

The other day my Mom came over to watch the Simonster, and she said to me: "Why aren't there pictures of you from Atlanta? They're all of John!"
I said: "Surely, you must be mistaken." And she said: "My name is not Shirley!" and hit me with a folding chair she carries around for just such an emergency. Because I have the sass mouth.
Obviously, none of this is true. Love you Mom!
What is true is that John snuck in and deleted all the pictures of me. Because it was all me. In fact, this blog was supposed to be called:
Damian Duffy Presents:
but you can't really change font sizes in URLs, so we ended up with J2D2. So it goes.
Artist/Educator Kevin Sipp, Damian Duffy, and ONYXCON maestro Joseph Wheeler III making a manwhich in the ATL.

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