Saturday, August 15, 2009

Onyx Con live blog

Writing live and in person from the first ever Onyxcon in Atlanta, GA. The mood: upbeat. The vibe: celebratory. The crowds: consistent.
If you're in the area, you should be here. If you're not here, you have made a mistake. Rectify it next year.
I'm sitting behind a table right now, using a lull to feed the gaping blog maw.

Onyxcon drew a bunch of families, a bunch of kids. Which is great for comics, great for the medium.
Of course, for The Hole, which a printer in Texas refused to print and Diamond Comics Distributors decided to move to the Adult catalog at the last minute because of the... I dunno, content. Probably the oral sex scene that ends with someone getting eaten by a big scary mouth.

It's a metaphor. Honest.

Anyway, when a young lady of perhaps 10 years of age pointed to the book and said "That's a good comic. We have that at my house," I was equal parts happy (Yay! Readers!) and confused (But... you're ten.) I was going to wait until my son was way older to read our magnum opus of madness.
Y'know. Like 12.

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